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  • Vrsta: Akrilne Barve
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Blagovna Znamka: YONGBO

SKU: w233
Ordered from this seller seller перламутровый pigment, This is a phenomenon he created for me to pay, send by simple mail did not semi-use, so I agreed to FedEx, first seller asked for 40 $ for shipping, I said it is expensive, he had a chance to make a discount of up to $30, I agreed, as a result, when I arrived, I paid 7 more $ of customs bills in FedEx, Which the seller did not notify me of, I also did not receive a clear answer about why I can not receive my parcel by standard mail. In general, I can not say that I'm happy with such terms of shipment, but the truth is not bad. The seller did everything I could to get goods so for communication I put him 5 stars, the rest of the parameters are honest as it was.

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